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2020 aixiesheng staff award ceremony

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In the past year, it has been a special hard year. No matter whether epidemic prevention has become a routine or not, we will face the difficulties and do a good job in epidemic prevention and the development of the company. In order to thank all the staff for their unremitting efforts for the development of the company, we will carry out collective activities in an orderly way in epidemic prevention. The tour of Beihai, Guangxi from January 7 to January 10, 2021, makes us still love life.

On January 7, we arrived at Shenzhen North Station with excitement. We took the high-speed railway all the way to Beihai, the city facing the sea. As soon as we arrived, we scanned the local health code and arrived at the hotel orderly. In the evening, we started the first local dinner in Beihai. It was delicious and we were looking forward to the official journey of the next day; The itinerary includes Beihai old street, Beihai silver beach, sea catching activities, Weizhou Island and bonfire party. When you come to Beihai old street, there are many Chinese and Western arcade buildings along the street. The old street is like a miniature of history, and you can feel the ancient and vicissitudes of Beihai; Take a look at the Beihai silver beach, the first beach in the world. The silver beach in winter has a beauty different from other seasons. For example, the cold beauty gives you bursts of cold sea breeze blowing on your face. Standing on the fine white beach, you can see the endless sea and have a different taste; Standing at the other end of the mangrove forest in the North Sea is another interesting sea driving activity. Equipped with raincoats and shoes, you can dig out all kinds of small creatures on the beach, such as razor clams, sand worms and crabs; Heading for the sea, we took a cruise ship to Weizhou Island, which can be called Penglai treasure island. The most famous is the crocodile mountain volcano Geopark, which is a circular scenic spot. So there is no turning back. The starting point is the end point. If you go back, you will miss the scenic spot. At the seaside night, we held a bonfire party to welcome the new year ahead of time. We sang and danced together to watch the fireworks. In the days to come, aixiesheng will shine a more dazzling light with the joint efforts of all of us and illuminate the future road.

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